Do You Offer Free DUI Consultation?

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free dui consultationWe offer a free DUI consultation because the most important decision you will make in defending your case will be hiring the right DUI attorney.  Here is a common sense guide to making the most of your time.

You should walk out of your free DUI consultation confident in the knowledge that you have spoken to someone who has real experience defending DUI cases.  Ask the following and, if you don’t get straight answers, get up and leave: Have you [Read the full post. . .]

Ohio DUI Attorney: Is It A Just World?

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ohio dui attorneyAs an Ohio DUI attorney, I often observe a bias that people carry toward those accused of drunk driving.  Psychologists call this phenomena the “Just World Hypothesis.”

The belief that people get what they deserve and deserve what they get, which was first theorized by Melvin Lerner in 1977.  Lerner, M.J. & Miller, D.T. (1977). Just-world research and the attribution process: Looking back and ahead. Psychological Bulletin85, 1030-1051.  Attributing failures to dispositional causes rather than situational [Read the full post. . .]

Furnishing Alcohol To Minors In Ohio

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furnishing alcohol to minorsOhio provides tough penalties for furnishing alcohol to minors.

In recent years, MADD has shifted its focus away from its singular mission of preventing drunk driving, to include an effort to curb underage drinking.  Much of their efforts have been directed at instilling fear amongst parents who may provide alcohol to minors in their home.  This initiative has been aided by a national ad campaign called “Parents Who Host Lose The Most.”  As prom season approaches you may be [Read the full post. . .]

Xenia DUI Lawyer Charles M. Rowland II

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Xenia DUI lawyer Charles M. Rowland II regularly appears in the Xenia Municipal Court representing the accused drunk driver.  He has established both and to help you access court services and learn about services provided.  Access to the court concerns cases arising anywhere in Xenia, Bellbrook, Spring Valley or Jamestown.

xenia dui lawyerXenia DUI lawyer Charles M. Rowland II dedicates his practice to defending the accused drunk driver in the Miami Valley and throughout Ohio.  He has the credentials and

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Information About A Miamisburg OVI Charge

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miamisburg oviIf you need information about a Miamisburg OVI charge, you can visit the  Miamisburg Municipal Court Public Information (case look-up) site – HERE.  The jurisdiction of the Miamisburg Municipal Court includes any arrest for misdemeanor DUI in  MiamisburgWest Carrollton,GermantownGerman Township or Miami Township.  The Miamisburg Municipal Court, located at 10 N. First Street, Miamisburg, Ohio 45342, serves a population of over 80,000 and handles in excess of 15,000 cases per year.  The [Read the full post. . .]