Alcohol Treatment Resources on the Internet

The Journal of the American Medical Association defines alcoholism as a chronic disease that is influenced by genetic predisposition, issues of environment, and mental wellness. Over time and without treatment, alcoholism gets worse, creating fatal health consequences and psychological preoccupation with alcohol that distorts the thinking.

The World Health Organization estimates that about 140 million people throughout the world suffer from alcohol dependence.  In the United States and Western Europe, 10 to 20 percent of men and 5 to 10 [Read the full post. . .]

Ohio Bankruptcy Filing Fees Set to Increase November 1st

At its September 2011 session, the Judicial Conference increased the “Title 11 Administrative Fee” from $39.00 to $46.00.  Because the Administrative Fee is a component of the total fee for filing a bankruptcy petition, the total petition filing fee will increase in each chapter by $7.00 beginning November 1, 2011.  Currently, the filing fee for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is $299.  This will increase to $306 on November 1st.  Likewise, filing fees for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy will [Read the full post. . .]

Montgomery County Courts (An Overview)

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If you are arrested for DUI in Montgomery County, Ohio, your case will be heard in one of the courts below.

Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas.  This court hears all felony level cases including aggravated vehicular homicide, aggravated vehicular assault and felony-enhanced DUI offenses.  The Court is located in the Montgomery County Courts Building at 41 N. Perry Street in downtown Dayton.  The Judges who serve the Montgomery County Court of Common Please are: Dennis AdkinsSteven [Read the full post. . .]

What Should I Wear To Court?

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When you appear in court, you are being judged.  Everything about you is open to scrutiny by people who have power over your life.  As such, your appearance in court should be designed to aid in your defense.  By knowing your audience, you can be prepared to blunt a harsh or dismissive attitude and win your case.  Here are some common-sense dos and don’ts for dressing for court.

DO wear conservative clothing that won’t make you stand out or draw

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