Halloween DUI Crackdown (by Dayton DUI)


The Ohio State Highway Patrol has announced a DUI enforcement initiative as part of the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign which will coincide with the Halloween holiday.  79 local law enforcement agencies have planned more than 1,700 hours of enforcement as well as at least 14 checkpoints and more than 1,000 hours of saturation patrols around the state.  As Halloween gains in popularity as a celebration, police are vigilant in patrolling the highways for impaired drivers.

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The Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus Test is Biased Against Women

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The horizontal gaze nystagmus test is an eye test approved by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (hereinafter NHTSA) as a tool to detect clues of impairment in drivers.  The HGN test is one of three psychomotor tests approved as part of the standardized field sobriety testing protocol employed by law enforcement officers throughout the United States and used here in Ohio.  The HGN is a test broken down into three components:

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Montgomery County Municipal Court (by Dayton DUI)

On September 8, 2010, Montgomery County Area One and Area Two Courts officially became the Montgomery County Municipal Court.  There will be two divisions of the Montgomery County Municipal Court, a Western Division located in New Lebanon at 195 S. Clayton Rd., New Lebanon, Ohio 45345, and an Eastern Division located in Huber Heights at 6111 Taylorsville Rd., Huber Heights, Ohio 45424.   Many people refer to the Montgomery County Municipal Court (Eastern Division) as the Huber Heights Municipal [Read the full post. . .]

Miami Valley Municipal Court Finder (by Dayton DUI)

If you are arrested for OVI in the Miami Valley, your case will most likely be heard in a municipal court.  Click on the below links to access the municipal court’s web site .  If you need to find a qualified OVI attorney, check out www.DaytonDUI.com or contact Charles M. Rowland II HERE.

Montgomery County Municipal Courts

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Will I Have “Party Plates?” (by DaytonDUI)

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If you thought that public shaming was a barbaric practice relegated to the distant past, you have not been driving through Ohio.  Ohio was the first state in the country to adopt a form of public humiliation by adopting special license plates for drunk driving offenders.  Use of the “scarlet letter” plates became mandatory in 2004. O.R.C. 4507.02(F)(2) and 4503.231.  These bright yellow plates with prominent red lettering (often referred to as party plates) are an indelible record of your [Read the full post. . .]