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If you are arrested for misdemeanor drunk driving (OVI, DUI) in Bellefontaine, Logan County, Ohio, your case will be heard in the Bellefontaine Municipal Court. Information about the Bellefontaine Municipal Court is available HERE.  You can also connect with the Bellefontaine City Prosecutor Joseph Bader (937) 599-1205, the Bellefontaine Municipal Court Probation Department Dave Newland (937) 599-3011, the Bellefontaine Police Department or the City of Bellefontaine.  Elected in 2011, the Honorable Anne E. Beck presides over the court at 226 W. Columbus Ave. in downtown Bellefontaine.  You can reach the court Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at (937) 599-6127.  The direct number to the criminal division of the Bellefontaine Municipal Court Clerk’s Office is (937) 599-6127.

Charles M. Rowland II has represented people accused of drunk driving since 1995.  He has been a city prosecutor, a special prosecutor, an expert witness and an award-winning attorney dedicated to providing the best in DUI defense.  He has some of the most impressive credentials for OVI attorneys in the state of Ohio that you can review HERE.  If you find yourself in need of a criminal defense attorney in the Bellefontaine Municipal Court, contact Bellefontaine DUI Attorney Charles M. Rowland II today!

I am a DUI/OVI attorney, representing the accused drunk driver in the Miami Valley and throughout Ohio. Here you will find information to fight your case and get your life back! You can talk with me right now, or arrange a free consultation by calling 937-318-1DUI or 1-888-ROWLAND. “ALL I DO IS DUI DEFENSE



Charles M. Rowland II covers the following areas in Logan County, Ohio

Fairborn OVI Attorney

Arrested for OVI in Fairborn?

Do you have a DUI case in FairbornBathTownshipBeavercreek or Beavercreek Township, your misdemeanor OVI case will be heard in the Beavercreek/Fairborn Municipal Court, 1148 Kauffman Ave. in Fairborn, Ohio.  If you need to find information about a case in the Fairborn Municipal Court you can search HERE for case information or visit the court’s web site HERE.

Charles M. Rowland II, a life-long resident of Greene County,  has represented the accused drunk driver in the Fairborn Municipal Court  since 1995.  Charles Rowland dedicates his practice to OVI law and has some of the most impressive credentials for OVI attorneys in the state of Ohio.  If you find yourself in need of criminal representation in the Fairborn Municipal Court, contact Fairborn DUI Attorney Charles M. Rowland II today!  You can reach Charles Rowland at 937-318-1DUI (318-1384), 1-888-ROWLAND (888-769-5263), or 24/7 on the after-hours DUI Hotline at 937-776-2671, by texting DaytonDUI (one word) to 50500 or by visiting,

OVI Trial Strategy: The Cop Was Not A Liar (by DaytonDUI)

Most Americans trust and respect police officers.  If you think that you will be able to go into a courtroom and overcome this ingrained belief you are, most of the time, dead wrong.  Americans do not like drunk drivers.  If you think that you can win an OVI case by calling the police officer a liar, you will probably lose.  One of the biggest mistakes an attorney can make is to position your case so that the jury must choose between believing the officer’s version of events or your version of events.  Jury verdict research suggest a modified approach.

The officer is most likely just doing his job when he comes in contact with your client.  Most cases involve an officer that acts professionally.  Jurors will see this.  Instead of being combative, cross-examine the officer in such a way that you meld his story with your client’s.  Generally develop the theme that the officer took the most damning aspects of the evidence and used them against your client instead of giving him a fair chance.  An example is bloodshot or glassy eyes.  “There are other common causes of red eyes other than alcohol, aren’t there officer?”  You could ask about whether or not the officer inquired about other causes, whether the officer asked the accused to explain and whether or not the officer has any training in determining what constitutes bloodshot/glassy/red eyes.  When you take this approach the officer’s testimony will often open a door.  You could argue that the officer made a mistake just this once.  You may also be able to argue that the officer had his mind made up that your client was drunk as soon as he made initial contact. Lawrence Taylor, a great DUI attorney from California, often begins his cross-examination  of the officer by asking, “You testified that the defendant was under the influence of alcohol. Is it possible you are wrong?”

Nothing substitutes for experience and preparation.  A careful and thorough reading of the discovery, a detailed examination of any video tapes that exist, a visit to the scene of the arrest and a comprehensive interview with your client will help you develop at theme that will allow the jury to see the facts in a light most favorable to your client.  The goal is not a total anhiliation of the officer, but a path to reasonable doubt.

DUI attorney Charles M. Rowland II dedicates his practice to defending the accused drunk driver in Fairborn, Dayton, SpringfieldKetteringVandaliaXeniaMiamisburgHuber HeightsBeavercreekCentervilleSpringboro, Franklin and throughout Ohio.  He has the credentials and the experience to win your case and has made himself the Miami Valley’s choice for DUI defense.  Contact Charles Rowland by phone at 937-318-1DUI (937-318-1384), 937-879-9542, or toll-free at 1-888-ROWLAND (888-769-5263).  For after-hours help contact our 24/7 DUI HOTLINE at 937-776-2671.  For information about Dayton DUI sent directly to your mobile device, text DaytonDUI (one word) to 50500.  Follow DaytonDUI on Twitter @DaytonDUI or Get Twitterupdates via SMS by texting DaytonDUI to 40404. DaytonDUI is also available on Facebook, and on the DaytonDUI channel on YouTube.  You can also email Charles Rowland at: or write to us at 2190 Gateway Dr., Fairborn, Ohio 45324.

Huber Heights OVI Attorney

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If you are arrested for misdemeanor DUI / OVI in Huber Heights your case will be heard in the Montgomery County Municipal Court (Eastern Division).  Many refer to Area II as the Huber Heights Municipal Court, but the court’s jurisdiction is larger, covering regions in north-east Montgomery County including the city of Riverside, Ohio.  The Montgomery County Municipal Court, Eastern Divsion is located at 6111 Taylorsville Rd., Huber Heights, OH 45424-2951.  You can contact the court’s Traffic/Criminal Division at  (937) 496-7231, the Civil Division at (937) 225-5824 and you can fax information to (937) 496-7236.

Charles M. Rowland II appears regularly in the Montgomery County Municipal Court (Huber Heights Municipal Court) and has established a Huber Heights DUI information page at  If you need an aggressive and experienced Huber Heights DUI lawyer, contact Charles M. Rowland II at 937-318-1DUI (318-1384) today.

OVI Blood Test Defense: Microbial Contamination

Blood Sweat and Tears. Number 2

Blood cases present the opportunity for multiple scientific defenses, but only if we recognize them and present them in a coherent manner before our judges.  Many of these scientific defenses can arise from problems in the blood draw.  If the blood draw is flawed microorganisms may contaminate the blood sample.  If this happens sugars (natrually present in the blood) can be converted into ethanol, resulting in a fasley high test.  Candida albicans is a yeast that lives on just about everything and is resistant to most preservatives.  In Lakatuka, D.J., “The Effect of Microbial Contamination of the Blood Sample on the Determination of Ethanol Levels in Serum,” 60 Am. J. Clin. Path. 700, 701-02, researchers found that candida albicans produced a much greater amount of ethanol than did other micro-organisms and this production was “not at all inhibited by flouride (a common preservative). Cited in Barone, Defending Drinking Drivers, Second Ed., at

As a practical matter, DUI defense attorneys can recognize this issue when a client presents a fact pattern inconsistent with the test.  Often, you will have a client that has an incredibly high test, with little other evidence of gigantic consumption (clients keep your bar bills).  If your jurisdiction utilizes the Vertical Gaze Nystagmus as an indicator of “high doses” of alcohol intake, was it present?  If your case has a tape, is the performance on the standardized field sobriety tests consistent with the high test.  If so, an experienced DUI attorney can create a SCIENTIFIC DISCONNECT DEFENSE to fight your case – and win!

Charles M.  Rowland II has successfully suppressed blood tests from being presented as evidence by using his superior understanding of the blood draw issues.  He has attended the National College for DUI Defense 16th Annual Forensic DUI Sciences seminar and is the only attorney in the State of Ohio to hold a Forensic Sobriety Assessment certification.  If your DUI (now called OVI in Ohio) defense could benefit from a scientific defense, contact attorney Charles M. Rowland today at 937-318-1DUI (318-1384) or visit