Bellefontaine OVI Attorney (Serving Logan County)

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If you are arrested for misdemeanor drunk driving (OVI, DUI) in Bellefontaine, Logan County, Ohio, your case will be heard in the Bellefontaine Municipal Court. Information about the Bellefontaine Municipal Court is available HERE.  You can also connect with the Bellefontaine City Prosecutor Joseph Bader (937) 599-1205, the Bellefontaine Municipal Court Probation Department Dave Newland (937) 599-3011, the Bellefontaine Police Department or the City of Bellefontaine.  Elected in 2011, the Honorable Anne E. Beck [Read the full post. . .]

Fairborn OVI Attorney

Arrested for OVI in Fairborn?

Do you have a DUI case in FairbornBathTownshipBeavercreek or Beavercreek Township, your misdemeanor OVI case will be heard in the Beavercreek/Fairborn Municipal Court, 1148 Kauffman Ave. in Fairborn, Ohio.  If you need to find information about a case in the Fairborn Municipal Court you can search HERE for case information or visit the court’s web site HERE.

Charles M. Rowland II, a life-long resident of Greene County,  has represented

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OVI Trial Strategy: The Cop Was Not A Liar (by DaytonDUI)

Most Americans trust and respect police officers.  If you think that you will be able to go into a courtroom and overcome this ingrained belief you are, most of the time, dead wrong.  Americans do not like drunk drivers.  If you think that you can win an OVI case by calling the police officer a liar, you will probably lose.  One of the biggest mistakes an attorney can make is to position your case so that the jury must choose [Read the full post. . .]

Huber Heights OVI Attorney

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If you are arrested for misdemeanor DUI / OVI in Huber Heights your case will be heard in the Montgomery County Municipal Court (Eastern Division).  Many refer to Area II as the Huber Heights Municipal Court, but the court’s jurisdiction is larger, covering regions in north-east Montgomery County including the city of Riverside, Ohio.  The Montgomery County Municipal Court, Eastern Divsion is located at 6111 Taylorsville Rd., Huber Heights, OH 45424-2951.  You can contact the court’s Traffic/Criminal [Read the full post. . .]

OVI Blood Test Defense: Microbial Contamination

Blood Sweat and Tears. Number 2

Blood cases present the opportunity for multiple scientific defenses, but only if we recognize them and present them in a coherent manner before our judges.  Many of these scientific defenses can arise from problems in the blood draw.  If the blood draw is flawed microorganisms may contaminate the blood sample.  If this happens sugars (natrually present in the blood) can be converted into ethanol, resulting in a fasley high test.  Candida albicans is a yeast that lives on just about [Read the full post. . .]