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Where you can go to get information on alcohol & drug treatment programs in the Miami Valley.

Alcoholics Anonymous for Atheists?

Alcoholics anonymousAlcoholics Anonymous for Atheists and Agnostics? Yes, that is a thing.

AA is open to people of all beliefs, but it is undoubtedly a spiritual program that asks people to have faith in certain principles. One of the most basic requirements of the program is that people believe in a higher power. The second step talks about how members came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity. While the third step describes how they [Read the full post. . .]

Springfield DUI Attorney Defends Addiction Issues in Clark County

Springfield DUI Attorney   As a Springfield DUI Attorney, I get to help people who are dealing with addiction issues.  To that end, we offer you this list of Clark County service providers who can help. Please follow the links to learn about services and costs.  If you need help, we can help!

Clark County


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Where Can I Get Help? Alcohol Addiction Services at TCN-BHS

alcohol addiction

If you have been arrested for an alcohol related offense, you may consider seeking the help of alcohol addiction specialists.  We try to help our clients by giving them the tools to manage both their case and any alcohol addiction issues that are present.  To that end, Charles Rowland has served on the board of TCN-BHS, Greene County’s mental health and alcohol addiction service provider. If you are struggling with an alcohol addiction, here is how to take the [Read the full post. . .]

Prescription Drug Addiction in Ohio; Where to Get Help

heroin bayerThere is a public health epidemic in Ohio due to the use of opiate-based prescription painkillers.  Over the last decade the abuse of prescription drugs, a medical and legal crackdown have led to an increase in the use of heroin.  According to the Ohio Department of Drug & Alcohol Service, there are 67 pills for every man, woman and child in Ohio with the vast majority of Ohio homes having some form of a drug that may be abused.  Drug [Read the full post. . .]

Montgomery County OVI: The 72-Hour Weekend Intervention Program

montgomery county oviMontgomery County OVI 72-Hour Weekend Intervention Programs

In Montgomery County, a 1st offense OVI/DUI conviction carries a mandatory minimum 3-day jail sentence. Most courts, including Montgomery County OVI Courts, allow this minimum sentence to be satisfied by attending a state-certified 72 hour (3-day) Driver Intervention Program. Most people prefer the D.I.P. because it is usually held in local hotels rather than in the local jail.  Most courts allow a person to choose a convenient weekend and [Read the full post. . .]