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What happens when you go to court? These articles are designed to help you see what happens as your DUI case progresses through the court system.

Dayton Municipal Court To Include Translation Services

Dayton Municipal Court to offer Translation Services The foreign born population in the United States has boomed over 57% in the last decade. More than one in 15 of our fellow Ohioans speak only "a little" English or speak "less than well." Russian, Swahili, Somoli, Turkish and other dialects make up a large proportion of…
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OVI Trial Strategy And The Alcohol Influence Report

The Alcohol Influence Report is a document prepared by the arresting officer noting each and every indicator for alcohol impairment that they took note of in their investigation. Most of the forms require that the officer simply check the predetermined indicator. Not surprisingly, all the officer's observations fall neatly into these predetermined areas. The report…
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OVI Law in Ohio – Is It A Just World?

If you practice OVI law in Ohio... The belief that people get what they deserve and deserve what they get, which was first theorized by Melvin Lerner in 1977.  Lerner, M.J. & Miller, D.T. (1977). Just-world research and the attribution process: Looking back and ahead. Psychological Bulletin, 85, 1030-1051.  Attributing failures to dispositional causes rather than situational causes,…
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Why Was I Charged With Two OVI Offenses?

Why Was I Charged With Two OVI Offenses?   Often, the arresting law enforcement officer will charge both the per se (you tested over the legal limit of .08) and appreciable impairment (you looked and acted drunk), knowing that you cannot be convicted of both.  In essence, the officer is hedging his bets, hoping that if your test is…
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Dedicated to DUI Defense

When you cruise the internet looking for DUI Defense Attorneys, be sure to look for these buzz words. "The DUI lawyer(S)" "Our DUI Team" - This means that more than one member of the firm could be responsible for handling your charge.  It is not uncommon to not know who will show up to handle…
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