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What happens when you go to court? These articles are designed to help you see what happens as your DUI case progresses through the court system.

Dedicated to DUI Defense

When you cruise the internet looking for DUI Defense Attorneys, be sure to look for these buzz words. "The DUI lawyer(S)" "Our DUI Team" - This means that more than one member of the firm could be responsible for handling your charge.  It is not uncommon to not know who will show up to handle…
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Ohio OVI Laws: Immobilization (First Offense)

If you do not have a prior OVI offense, getting your car back is relatively easy as Ohio OVI laws do not authorize immobilization as a penalty for a first offense.  Here are the steps you should take to get your car back. Locate the proper tow lot; Gather enough cash (or other proper payment)…
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What Happens At Your OVI Arraignment?

The following will happen when you appear for your OVI arraignment. You will be called into a big room with many people facing many different types of charges. The Judge, will explain the complaint to you which details the offense(s) you are charged with, and will explain it to you if you do not understand…
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Entering A Plea – What Are Your Options?

Entering a plea. Your first appearance is called an arraignment. At this hearing the judge is seeking to determine how your case will proceed. When your case is called in court you will be required to enter one of the following: GUILTY - If you feel you are guilty. The matter will be disposed of and…
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What Is The Rule of Law?

We often hear how, in order for society to function, we must uphold the "Rule of Law." But what does this mean? In one of its most simple constructions, it means that we are to be ruled by laws, not the whims of humans.  Traditionally, the rule of law has the following precepts: The government,…
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