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Teachers & OVI: Do I Report an OVI?

You Don't Need To Report Teachers, if you have an OVI (drunk driving) conviction, you may be worried about your career.  We have represented many teachers and strive to have every OVI reduced or dismissed so that it cannot have an adverse impact on your future.  One question we frequently encounter is, "Do I have…
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Teachers and OVI: Will You Lose Your Teaching License?

Teachers and OVI: Will You Lose Your License? We help teachers charged with OVI.  This article will give you some perspective on whether or not an OVI (drunk driving) charge will result in the loss of your teaching license.  The good news is that the answer is "NO." Ohio gives the State Board of Education…
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DUI and Teachers

I have to admit to having a great admiration for teachers, school administrators, and school employees.  This admiration lead me to serve two terms on the Beavercreek School Board and it also motivates me to fight hard on behalf of those in the education profession who face a career-killing OVI offense.  Being arrested on suspicion…
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