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Get information on OVI for offenders who are under 21.

Ohio’s Rules For Obtaining A License (Teen Drivers Beware)

Obtaining a license has changed for teen drivers in Ohio. Ohio employs a three-step process to obtaining a license. The first step begins when you turn 15 1/2. At this time you may apply for a temporary permit and take the drivers license knowledge exam and the eye test.  If you pass you will receive…
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Ohio Alcohol Rules: How Can A Parent Promote Moderation?

Ohio Alcohol Rules Allow For Drinking In The Home It is commonly asserted that under-age drinking laws make it illegal for anyone in the US under the age of 21 to drink alcohol. However, that is simply not true. Mothers Against Drunk Driver (MADD) has made it their mission to prohibit all underage drinking, but…
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New Restrictions For Juvenile Drivers In Ohio Begins Today

Beginning July 1, 2015, juvenile drivers issued a probationary license will face restrictions on when they can drive and how many passengers are allowed in the car while driving based on experience instead of age. This change is a result of Ohio’s Drive Toward a Safer Ohio Initiative and is an effort to increase the…
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It Is Prom OVI Season – Talk To Your Kids!

Prom OVI season is here! That means that Mothers Against Drunk Driving and their partners in law enforcement have begun the annual Prom enforcement blitz.  In addition to tuxedos, ugly wrist corsages and the awkward pictures; make sure you talk to your teen about managing a police encounter. MADD has shifted its focus away from its singular…
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Felony OVI Prompts Questions Over Juvenile’s Right To Counsel

Yesterday, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled in a felony OVI case that a juvenile has a right to counsel at every stage of a legal proceeding.  State v. Bode, Slip Opinion No. 2015-Ohio-1519. As stated in CourtNews, the court held that, "If confinement is a possible punishment for a juvenile, the juvenile must have waived…
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