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Articles on criminal law in the Miami Valley and throughout Ohio.

What If The Prosecutor Won’t File Charges? O.R.C. 2935.09

In a story that is breaking today, family members of Tamir Rice are seeking to skirt local prosecutors and ask a judge to issue warrants for murder against the police officers involved in the case.  The lawyers, tired of waiting for prosecutors to take action, are relying on a rarely used Ohio law to expedite…
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A Small Way To Curtail Policing For Profit

Policing for profit is the practice of using the tools of the judiciary (police, municipal courts, probation) to generate revenue for the municipality.  It comes in the form of red-light cameras, speed cameras, license plate readers, speed traps, heavy police traffic enforcement, civil asset forfeitures, high fines and other revenue generating practices. The price of…
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State Patrol Seat Belt Law Campaign: What Is The Seatbelt Law?

Troopers Will Ticket You For Seat Belt Law Violations Starting Monday! On Monday (May 18, 2015) the Ohio State Highway Patrol will begin a seat belt law enforcement blitz targeting drivers and passengers who are not buckled up. The seat belt crackdown is part of the national Click It or Ticket campaign. What makes this an…
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The Day I Served A Warrant!

The Day I Served A Warrant! At the end of my second year of law school, I did an internship at the Meigs County Prosecuting Attorney's Office.  I learned a great deal about criminal law, police procedure and had my first real taste of what it would be like to be an attorney. Near the…
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