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Ohio Traffic Attorney Charles M. Rowland II shares his vast experience of Ohio’s speeding law. Stay informed and know your rights.

No More Dayton Cameras!

red light Dayton camerasNo More Dayton Cameras – We Win! The Dayton Police Department has announced that it will STOP using traffic cameras for speed and traffic enforcement.  An Ohio law takes effect March 19, 2015 that requires that a police officer witness traffic infractions at intersections where a camera is used.  The city will lose all of the 20 fixed red-light and speed cameras throughout Dayton.

Dayton police will continue to use three Mobile Speed Vehicles around high incident intersections to capture [Read the full post. . .]

Electronic Traffic Tickets Are Coming To Ohio

electronic traffic ticketsElectronic traffic tickets are coming to Ohio.  The Ohio Supreme Court adopted amendments to the Ohio Traffic Rules about electronic tickets issued by law enforcement to account for an ongoing pilot project.  The Rules will take effect in January to facilitate the use of e-tickets. Subsequently, the Commission on the Rules of Practice and Procedure learned of a State Highway Patrol effort to issue e-tickets but file paper copies with the local court. The rules amended in January only covered [Read the full post. . .]

Bears In The Air: OSP To Target Distracted Drivers

6state-headerIf you are driving distracted this week watch out! 

The Ohio State Highway Patrol will be joining forces with other members of the 6-State Trooper Project for a distracted driving enforcement and awareness effort June 16 – 22 in an effort to reduce distracted driving related crashes and raise awareness about the dangers distracted driving creates.  The Patrol’s aviation section will assist road troopers from the air by focusing on crash causing violations that may be caused by distracted driving, [Read the full post. . .]

Red Light Cameras – Let Your Voice Be Heard To Ban Them Forever

A red-light camera in use in Beaverton, Oregon...

The followers of Dayton DUI on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and loyal followers of this blog have listened to me complain about red-light cameras and speed cameras in Ohio for over three years.  I have urged you to contact your local representatives and to let your opposition be known.  We are now in the final push and our concerns are being heard!

Ohio’s 130th General Assembly has introduced House Bill 69, which would eliminate red light cameras and speed [Read the full post. . .]

How To Fight Your Dayton Photo Speed & Red-Light Ticket

Dayton City Hall.

We have often been asked about the procedure the City of Dayton employs to enforce its photo-enforcement scheme which encompasses both speed tickets and red-light tickets.  Here, taken from the Dayton Public Safety Photo Enforcement page is the procedure that the city has adopted.  If you need to speak to an attorney, we let you know how to contact us below.

View Video of Your Violation and Pay On-Line

If you receive a citation in the mail from the “SafeLight” [Read the full post. . .]