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What is Snow Law in Ohio?

Let it snow! With the return of winter weather, we have received some questions about what constitutes an emergency and under what authority an emergency can be deemed to exist.  We have also counseled clients who wanted to know what law would circumscribe their behavior during a significant weather event.  Here is what we learned: A…
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A Physical Control Conviction Is Not A Prior Offense

A physical control conviction does not count as a "prior offense" for purposes of enhancement.  This principle is spelled out in case law and in statute.  R.C. 4511.181 sets forth the offenses that count as prior convictions.  It does not list a violation of physical control (R.C. 4511.194) as a predicate offense.  It does not…
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No More Dayton Cameras!

No More Dayton Cameras - We Win! The Dayton Police Department has announced that it will STOP using traffic cameras for speed and traffic enforcement.  An Ohio law takes effect March 19, 2015 that requires that a police officer witness traffic infractions at intersections where a camera is used.  The city will lose all of…
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Facial Recognition, License Plate Readers and No Accountability

License Plate Readers are now offering law enforcement agencies the ability to use facial recognition software on American streets with almost no laws making law enforcement accountable and no public debate on the topic. According to a story at, The leading suppler of automated license plate readers technology in the US (ALPR, also known…
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Springfield Red Light Cameras Losing Millions In Revenue

According to an article in, Springfield red light cameras are losing millions of dollars in revenue. Why? In 2008, the Ohio General Assembly enacted a law requiring all cities using  cameras to lengthen the duration of the warning given to motorists approaching a photo enforced intersection. Cities were given until March 12, 2009 to make…
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