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Red Light Cameras Are Getting Some Friends In Downtown Dayton

This site has long argued against the use of red light cameras, speed monitors and drones that target innocent Americans.  Well, Dayton has fallen one more step down the security slippery slope and is installing a full-fledged security spy network.  According to the Dayton Business Journal, 25 new cameras are being set up in and around…
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Ohio Traffic Law and Google Glass

  Ohio Traffic Law has yet to weigh in on the issue, but other states are creating speed bumps for Google Glass. Lawmakers in New York and New Jersey and in at least six other states across the country believe the devices are dangerous when used by drivers. Assemblyman Marcos Crespo (D-Bronx) has introduced one…
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Top Ten Rules for Partying in Ohio

In light of the arrest made following the University of Dayton's victory, we offer college students these rules for partying (legally) in Ohio. Rule #1: Don't Drink and Drive Ohio has some of the most stringent drunk driving laws in the county.  A first-time offender faces 180 days in jail and a one thousand seventy-five…
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Ohio BMV License Suspension

The most common reasons that a person will have a driver's license suspension by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles include: Accumulating 12 “points” for traffic violations Driving Without Insurance Operating a Vehicle Impaired (testing over .08 or refusing to test) Drug Offenses Out-of-State DUI/OVI or drug related offenses If you would like an unofficial copy…
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Is This The End of Drunk Driving Arrests?

Will there still be drunk driving arrests in the future?  This is the question raised by Money Watch and CBS in the article about autonomous cars, "Will Your Car Be Driving Itself By 2020?"  According to the article,  "[i]t all sounds like science fiction: cars that drive themselves, navigate streets and avoid crashes. But last week…
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