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Marked Lane Violation Overturned By Third District Court of Appeals

State v. Shaffer, 2013-Ohio-3581 Overturns Marked Lane Violation In a decision that will impact many OVI cases, the Third District Court of Appeals ruled that a trooper did not have a “reasonable, articulable” suspicion to stop a Paulding County woman for a marked lanes violation. O.R.C. 4511.33.   Accordingly, her convictions for reckless operation and failure…
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Ohio DUI Laws: An Overview

This post collects together in one place many of the Ohio DUI Laws that arise in drunk driving cases.   Some Ohio DUI laws are listed because law enforcement will charge these offenses to establish probable cause for pulling over your vehicle.  If you need to find out more about a specific law, or how…
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Ohio OVI Law: The Habitual Offender Registry

Ohio OVI law states that you  can't be a chronic alcoholic and drive in Ohio.  Ohio driver's license laws forbid the issuance of a driver's license to, or the retention of a license by, a person who is "alcoholic, or is addicted to the use of controlled substances to the extent that the use constitutes…
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DUI & The International Driver’s License

In Ohio, there is no such thing as an international driver’s license for United States citizens.  If you are using an “international driver’s license” in place of a state-issued license, you should stop immediately. It is illegal, and if caught, you will face criminal charges.  If your Ohio State driver's license has been revoked due…
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OVI Law: You Don’t Need A Turn Signal When Going Straight

Ohio v. Paseka, 2013-Ohio-2362 On December 29, 2011, Cory Paseka was traveling westbound on Lima-Sandusky Road in Erie County when he came to a fork in the road.  He continued straight on Lima-Sandusky Road and did not veer to the left which would have put him on Wahl Road.  An officer proceeded to stop Paseka…
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