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How will getting a DUI in Ohio affect your out-of-state license? How will an out-of-state DUI affect your Ohio license? We answer your questions and keep you on the road.

Ohio BMV License Suspension

The most common reasons that a person will have a driver's license suspension by the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles include: Accumulating 12 “points” for traffic violations Driving Without Insurance Operating a Vehicle Impaired (testing over .08 or refusing to test) Drug Offenses Out-of-State DUI/OVI or drug related offenses If you would like an unofficial copy…
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DUI & The International Driver’s License

In Ohio, there is no such thing as an international driver’s license for United States citizens.  If you are using an “international driver’s license” in place of a state-issued license, you should stop immediately. It is illegal, and if caught, you will face criminal charges.  If your Ohio State driver's license has been revoked due…
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Ohio DUI Law: Crossing Jurisdictional Lines

Suppose a person sits at a bar in Richmond, Indiana listening to John Mellencamp on the juke box and drinks to a point where he exceed the .08% BAC limit in Indiana.  The person then gets in his car and drives from Richmond, Indiana into Ohio.  While in Ohio and still in excess of the…
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R.C. 4511.181, Prior Convictions

Ohio Revised Code 4511.181 sets forth the law of prior convictions in Ohio.  It states that "equivalent offenses" can include: A state OVI under 4511.19(A); A state OVUAC offense under 4511.19(B); [often referred to as a "baby" DUI or an "juvenile" DUI] A violation of a municipal OVI ordinance; Involuntary manslaughter due to impairment, R.C.…
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An Ohio OVI Conviction May Prevent Entry Into Canada (by DaytonDUI)

Driving Under the Influence May Prevent Entry Into Canada Canada places strict limits on who may enter.  One of the most vexing restrictions is the Criminal Inadmissibility due to a DUI charge.  Shockingly, you may also be denied admission due to the conduct of a dependent who has a prior DUI offense.  Obviously, the best…
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