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Information and updates on evidential blood and urine testing in Ohio.

DUI Attorney Strategies – Know The Science!

Here is a tool that every DUI attorney should have in their arsenal.  It is a study entitled, Absorption, Distribution and Elimination of Alcohol: Highway Safety Aspects and it has a number of facts that a jury should know: The time that elapses between the driving of the car and the time of the chemical test can…
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Alcohol Flush Reaction: An Allergy to Alcohol

Have you ever heard anyone say that they are "allergic" to alcohol?  Well, if the person is of Asian descent, they may have a common reaction to alcohol know as Alcohol Flush Reaction. Studies have shown about a third of Japanese, Chinese, and Koreans respond to alcohol by turning red. The reaction is a condition…
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OVI Law: Elimination of Alcohol By Oxidation

OVI law requires an understanding of how alcohol enters, affects and exits the body.  Here is a brief overview of the elimination process. Alcohol exits the human body by being oxidized by a number of very important enzymes.  Foremost among these enzymes are ADH (alcohol dehydrogenase) and ALDH (aldehyde dehydrogenase).  Over 90% of the ingested…
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Urine Testing: No Privacy For You!

The rules for urine testing in Ohio are set forth at Ohio Administrative Code 3701-53-05 & 3701-53-06.  At O.A.C. 3701-53-05, it is clearly stated that a urine test must be witnessed.  It states at subsection (D), (D) The collection of a urine specimen must be witnessed to assure that the sample can be authenticated. Urine…
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Alcohol And Your Body: A Primer

About 20% of the alcohol (actually the impairing substance is ethanol) in your beverage is absorbed in the stomach and the remaining 80% is absorbed in the small intestine.  How fast it is absorbed is dependent on various factors. The higher the percentage in the beverage, the faster the absorption; Are you mixing? Carbonated beverages tend…
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