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Issues impacting accused offenders serving in the armed forces.

Do I Have To Report An Air Force DUI?

We frequently receive questions about an active-duty service members requirement to report an Air Force DUI arrest to his superiors.  We rely upon a decision (HERE) from the United States Navy, Navy Admin 373/11, which states that, in light of the decision in U.S. v. Serianne: 1. THIS NAVADMIN AMPLIFIES REF A, WHICH REVISED ARTICLE…
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Military DUI? Who Will Punish You?

If you get a military DUI you can be punished by three different (and overlapping) authorities.  The first potential punishment comes from the civilian courts and includes a loss of driving privileges, fines, incarceration and other possible penalties.  Typically, these punishments occur after being stopped on suspicion of drunk driving while outside the military base.…
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Active Duty DUI? What Law Applies?

If you get an Active Duty DUI charge what law applies and where will you be punished?  This article (which owes a nod to John Hunsucker and the Hunsuker Legal Group, NCDD Winter Session 2015) explores where your case will be heard and what law applies. The Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) applies to…
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Do You Face A Military OVI Charge?

Do you face a military OVI?  The consequences of an OVI while serving active duty in the military can be devastating: dishonorable discharge, rank reduction, pay deduction, loss of security clearance, fines and jail time and mandatory military counseling sessions and potential exclusion from some sensitive operations.  Military regulations often subject its members to enhanced…
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Wright-Patterson Air Force Base DUI Arrest?

What do I do if I have a Wright-Patterson Air Force Base DUI (drunk driving) arrest? My practice is proud to serve the military community in and around Wright-Patterson A.F.B..  One of the recurring questions we get from military personnel is whether or not a federal or out-of-state DUI can be used to enhance a DUI…
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