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Can I Still Be A Nurse If I Get A DUI In Ohio?

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Nurses and DUI in Ohio

Yes, you can be a nurse if you have a DUI in Ohio.  According to the Ohio Nursing Board’s Criminal History Fact Sheet, there are eleven offenses that are automatic bars to obtaining a nursing license for applicants who entered a prelicensure nursing education program after June 1, 2003. This means that the Board of Nursing (Board) is prohibited from issuing a license to a person who has pled guilty to, been convicted of, or

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DUI Science: Are Gastric Bypass Patients More Susceptible to a DUI?

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According to the results of a new study in the February issue of the Journal of the American College of Surgeons, the dramatic changes that occur as a result of gastric bypass surgery can cause some people to overindulge when using alcohol thereby increasing their risk for a DUI. As cited at by Science Daily (linked HERE):

Studies have shown that gastric bypass patients often find it difficult adjusting to physical and psychological changes after the procedure. An

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A Complete Guide to Transferring Your Nursing License to Another State

This article is from guest blogger Melissa Trenway who blogs at Nursetini.

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Those with a nursing license who wish to move to another state have options available to them. While states differ on what is required of nurses, those who have graduated from an accredited nursing program can find that transferring a license is not as difficult as getting one. For those interested in pursuing a nursing degree or furthering your nursing career, there are many schools across the [Read the full post. . .]

OVI and Nursing

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This is an excellent article that appears on Nursing Law & Order, a blog from RN-JD LaTonia Denise Wright.  Her web site is www.Nursing-Jurisprudence.comNURSES BE WARNED!

“Its just a DUI.” Its nursing license renewal time in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana and this blog is popping up in searches related to DUI and nurses and criminal convictions and license renewal for Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

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Forced Blood Draws in Ohio DUI Cases

Blood draw for genetic studies
Forced Blood Draws

A law that will go into effect Tuesday, Sept. 30, states drivers with prior DUI offenses who are suspected of driving while drunk must take a breath-alcohol test.  If drivers refuse, authorities can take them to get a mandatory blood or urine test.  The law intends to help prosecutors in cases of repeat offenders and deter drunken driving. Repeat offenders used to be able to refuse a breath-alcohol test.

If you find yourself facing a DUI/OVI

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