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Arrested at Wright-Patterson AFB?

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We have a former J.A.G. officer on staff to help with military DUI/OVI cases.  Located conveniently near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Charles M. Rowland II has successfully represented active-duty military, contractors, and civilian employees for over 15 years.  He knows how to deal with issues of deployment, security clearances, loss of rank, loss of on-base driving privileges and issues related to out-of-state licenses.  If you find yourself arrested for [Read the full post. . .]

When Not To Fly (by DaytonDUI.com)

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If you are a pilot there are strict rules on when you can fly an aircraft.  According to federal regulations, set forth below, a pilot may not attempt to fly an aircraft or even attempt to be a crew member of a civil aircraft :

  • Within 8 hours after consuming alcohol;
  • While under the influence of alcohol;
  • While under the influence of any drug that impairs a person in a way which is is contrary to safety;
  • While having a
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