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Case Look-Up Information in the Kettering Municipal Court

If you have been arrested for OVI in Centerville, Kettering, Moraine or Washington Township, your misdemeanor OVI case will be heard in the Kettering Municipal Court.  If you need to find information about a case in the Kettering Municipal Court you can search HERE for case information/case look-up,  or visit the court’s web site HERE.…
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Arrested for OVI in Moraine?

Image by Billy V via Flickr ARRESTED IN MORAINE? YOU MAY GO TO THE MORAINE MAYOR'S COURT OR THE KETTERING MUNICIPAL COURT If you are arrested in Moraine, Ohio on suspicion of an OVI (better known as "DUI" or drunk driving), your OVI case may be handled in the Moraine Mayor's Court which is located at…
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