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Dayton DUI attorney Charles Rowland specializes in DUI / OVI defense for the accused drunk driver in Ohio.

Internet Resources For Alcohol Treatment and Recovery

Internet Resources For Alcohol Treatment And Recovery If you receive an Ohio OVI charge, you may recognize that alcohol is having an adverse impact on your life.  If so, here are some resources. HAMS is a free peer-led support and information group for anyone who wants to change their drinking behaviors for the better. The…
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Dayton Municipal Court: How The Judges Spend Their Time

According to their official website, the Dayton Municipal Court has five elected judges who spend about 40% of their time in court presiding over felony preliminary hearings, in-jail arraignments, and civil cases. These proceedings are cases not officially assigned to each judge’s docket, but must be handled in the course of regular, daily court business.…
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Dayton DUI Blog Included In LawBlogs.net

This very Dayton DUI blog has received inclusion in the LawBlogs.net collection of prestigious legal blogs.  This site is a collection of blogs that deal with almost every conceivable area of law.  It is well organized and fully integrated so that you can follow it on Twitter, Facebook and G+.  Look for us listed as…
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Traffic Fatalities In Ohio On The Rise

As of Sunday, there were 665 traffic fatalities in Ohio. By mid-August 2014, there were 571 confirmed fatalities due to traffic crashes, according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol. This trend is happening all over the country. According to the National Safety Council, the United States had a 14 percent spike in traffic fatalities during the first…
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DUI Defense: How Much Do You Know About Drugs?

One of the most important aspects of modern DUI defense is knowing how to defend the alleged drug-impaired driver.  With increased focus on the drugged driver, DUI attorneys must have good resources at their disposal.  One of the best resources I have found is the Drug Enforcement Agency's Drugs of Abuse Resource Guide. It gives up-to-date…
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