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Dayton DUI attorney Charles Rowland specializes in DUI / OVI defense for the accused drunk driver in Ohio.

Ever Had A “Natty?” Yes, You’ve Had A Natty!

I recently came across this article, Strange Brews: Natty Light on the Modern Drunkard Magazine site.  Growing up in Ohio, drinking an Anheuser-Busch Natural Light was a rite of passage. How many of us, in college, sought to buy a 30 pack of beer for about 50 cents a beer?  According to the site: Cheap…
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Dayton OVI Attorney Charles M. Rowland II

Looking for a OVI attorney in Dayton, Ohio? Dayton OVI attorney, Charles M. Rowland II has been serving the people of Dayton since 1995. He focuses his practice exclusively on defending the accused drunk driver and has amassed an impressive number of credentials in his field. He was named "Top Attorney" in the area of…
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Less OVI Checkpoints, More OVI Arrests

Did you notice there were less OVI checkpoints this year? Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers made the decision to change from an OVI checkpoint strategy, to a more concentrated OVI patrol strategy.  So, how many OVI arrests did the Ohio State Highway Patrol make over night Dec. 31 into Jan. 1 in our area?  Numbers…
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Proving Prior Convictions (Evidence Rule 902)

Just how hard is it for the prosecution to prove prior convictions in OVI cases? The government has the burden of providing a foundation that the documents proving prior convictions should be relied upon. The Ohio Rules of Evidence, Evid. Rule 902, provides that extrinsic evidence of authenticity, as a condition precedent to admissibility, is…
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Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over In Full Effect!

The annual "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over" campaign, sponsored by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, MADD and local law enforcement agencies, is in full effect. The OVI (drunk driving) crackdown will last from now until January 1st. Below is the new ad for 2015.
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