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Driving Under Suspension in Ohio

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Ohio’s Driving Under Suspension (DUS) law is formidable.  The statutory scheme encompasses over 20 different types of suspensions ranging from Automatic License Suspensions for DUI offenses to suspensions for failing to purchase adequate insurance coverage. Please click on the links below for specific information. If you need additional information on Ohio’s DUS law, or if you find yourself charged with Driving Under Suspension or any of the myriad offense that require contact with the Ohio Bureau [Read the full post. . .]

Driving Under Suspension: Security Suspensions and Judgment Suspensions


Ohio Revised Code 4509.37 sets forth the provision of Ohio’s Driving Under Suspension law that suspends a license for uninsured drivers involved in an accident involving personal injury, death or property damages exceeding $400.00.  Called a Security Suspension, this suspension is often confused with a Judgment Suspension, which provides the court a powerful weapon to enforce a judgment.  Here, no judgment is necessary.  A violation of this law will result in a suspension of your license until one [Read the full post. . .]