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Vandalia OVI Attorney Charles Rowland

Vandalia OVI AttorneyCharles M. Rowland II wants to be your Vandalia OVI Attorney.  To that end, he maintains two websites that provide specific information about OVI cases in the Vandalia Municipal Court.  www.VandaliaDUI.com and www.VandaliaOVI.com provide information about the Vandalia Municipal Court and how to access important information about your case.  Provided below are some of the important links.  Be sure to check out the sites for articles and information specific to arrests made within the court’s jurisdiction and for information

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Clark County Prosecutor Sets Up Diversion Program

Last week the Clark County Prosecutor’s Office sent out a letter detailing a new diversion program.  The announced “goal of the program is to promote the efficiency within the Clark County Common Pleas Court while allowing lower level felony offenders an opportunity to avoid the handicap of a life altering felony conviction.”  The new diversion program is modeled on established programs in Franklin and Montgomery Counties.  The letter indicates that approximately 50 people a year will be permitted to take [Read the full post. . .]

Underage Consumption in Ohio

Power-control theory of gender and delinquency

Underage possession or consumption of beer or intoxicants is a serious crime in Ohio.  The charges are first-degree misdemeanors carrying a maximum penalty of 180 days in jail and up to a $1,000.00 fine.  Worse yet, a conviction may leave you with a “criminal record” which is much more serious than a fine or costs.  Fear, shame or guilt may compel you to want to plead guilty to put the charge behind you, but that decision may have long-lasting and [Read the full post. . .]