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Unintended Consequences of an Ohio DUI Charge

A drunk driving charge can affect you in ways that you may not expect. Listed below are some of the more vexing issues associated with an Ohio DUI (OVI) charge.

1. Child Custody – If you are involved in a custody dispute, or have a vindictive spouse who would like to start one, a DUI/OVI conviction can be used against you in domestic relations court.  Automatic suspensions may make it difficult to exercise visitation with your children.  You may [Read the full post. . .]

Divorce in Springfield and Clark County (by Ohio Divorce Attorney)

Divorce and Dissolution proceedings involving residents of Springfield and Clark County are heard in the Clark County Common Please Court, Domestic Relations Division.  The Clark County Domestic Relations Court is located at 31 N. Limestone Street (lower level), in downtown Springfield.  The Domestic Relations Court is located in its own building which is north of the iconic Clark County Common Pleas Court building.  The presiding judge of the Clark County  Common Pleas Court, Domestic Relations Division is the Honorable Thomas [Read the full post. . .]

How Long Will My Ohio Divorce Take?

The best way to answer this question is to ask how much cooperation can you expect from your ex-spouse.  A high level of cooperation and trust will allow you to consider filing a dissolution.  If there is very little trust and cooperation you can expect a longer process.

A typical divorce can take anywhere from several months to more than a year.  A great deal of work can be done prior to filing a Complaint for Divorce, but the formal [Read the full post. . .]

Life After Divorce (by OhioDivorceAttorney.com)


You are driving home after your final divorce hearing when it hits you.  I’m done! It’s finally over!  When the relief of a final divorce hearing fades you are left with some very fundamental questions about what happens next.  Here is my Top Ten List of things to do make your new life everything you want it to be.

  1. Do not lose my number.  Often, a short consultation can provide peace of mind or clarify how the court would  interpret  
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The Divorce Process by DaytonDivorceLaw.com

The Divorce of Lady X

Christine McGee, Chief Magistrate of the Montgomery County Domestic Relations Court once said: “In criminal court you see bad people acting their best, and in our court you see good people acting their worst.” In a perfect world, separation would be a painless process of dividing your assets and deciding what a perfect visitation schedule you and your ex will use. No one (no matter what your friends may tell you) has a perfect divorce.

The process begins with the [Read the full post. . .]