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Ohio DUI Attorney: Is It A Just World?

As an Ohio DUI attorney, I often observe a bias that people carry toward those accused of drunk driving.  Psychologists call this phenomena the "Just World Hypothesis." The belief that people get what they deserve and deserve what they get, which was first theorized by Melvin Lerner in 1977.  Lerner, M.J. & Miller, D.T. (1977). Just-world…
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Ohio OVI Law – a definition

Image via Wikipedia The term OVI (Operating a Vehicle while Impaired) is the latest acronym for the universally understood DUI; they mean the same thing.  Often you will find yourself charged with OVI offenses in two ways: the first is for testing over the per se limit, and the second charge for operating a vehicle…
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OVI Jury Trial Instructions

[caption id="attachment_7036" align="aligncenter" width="443" caption="Xenia Municipal Court Jury Box"][/caption] A jury instruction which is given at every OVI (formerly DUI) trial states, UNDER THE INFLUENCE. "Under the influence means that the defendant consumed some (alcohol)(drug of abuse)(alcohol and a drug of abuse), whether mild or potent, in such a quantity, whether small or great, that…
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