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Arrested for DUI in Bellbrook? Sugarcreek?

IF YOU ARE CHARGED WITH DUI IN BELLBROOK OR SUGARCREEK, YOUR CASE WILL BE HEARD IN THE XENIA MUNICIPAL COURT The Xenia Municipal Court has jurisdiction over OVI/DUIviolations of any ordinance, including in Bellbrook, and Sugarcreek, Ohio.  The honorable Michael Murry is the presiding judge of the Xenia Municipal Court and has made a great deal of  information…
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Blood & Urine Specimens O.A.C. 3701-53-05

Image via Wikipedia Ohio Administrative Code section 3701-53-05 applies to the collection of blood and urine specimens.  Section (A) requires all samples to be "collected in accordance with section 4511.19 (DUI statute), or section 1547.11 (Boating Under the Influence) of the Revised Code, as applicable." Section (B) states, "[w]hen collecting a blood sample, an aqueous…
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