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Kettering OVI Arrest? We Can Help

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Kettering OVI Arrest? Call Charles M. Rowland II!

Kettering OVIYou thought an OVI arrest could never happen to you or someone close to you, but now you have suddenly realized you need help. You are probably asking yourself, “What happens next?” or “What do I do now?” Contact Kettering OVI attorney Charles M. Rowland II to protect all of your rights.

You can rest assured that the government is going to do everything they can to try to convict you of Operating a Vehicle While Impaired (OVI).  An arrest is a jarring event with repercussions that may last for years.  Whether a bad decision brought you to this point or you were wrongfully arrested, it doesn’t matter; decisive action is necessary.

Today, you have an opportunity to make the right decision — a decision that may save you months in prison, thousands of dollars and a permanent criminal record.  Most people arrested for DUI are good people who just made a mistake or are wrongfully accused of something they did not do. What does this mean to you? It means that if you are stopped and the police are of the opinion you are intoxicated, you are going to be arrested. Now you are facing serious charges and possible jail time. There are ways to fight to avoid these consequences with the help of Kettering OVI attorney Charles M. Rowland II and his team of experts.

Kettering Municipal Court

Kettering Municipal Court – What Do I Plead?

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On its site, the Kettering Municipal Court offers an explanation of the three possible pleas you may enter in your case.   The court states as follows:

Pleas You May Enter and Your Rights Under These Pleas

You may choose to enter any of these pleas when you appear before the Judge:


By pleading NOT GUILTY, you are denying the charge. The prosecution will be required to prove its case against you beyond a reasonable doubt at a trial. THE TRIAL WILL BE SET FOR A LATER DATE.

If the offense you are charged with carries the potential for jail time as a possible sentence, you can demand a jury trial. If you desire a jury trial, you must file a written jury demand no less than ten (10) days prior to the date set for your trial, or on or before the third day following receipt of notice of your trial date, whichever is later. Failure to file a written jury demand waives your right to a jury trial, and your trial will be heard by a Judge.

If you are charged with an offense that carries a maximum penalty of imprisonment for one year in jail, your case will automatically be set for a trial to be heard by a jury, unless you sign a waiver of that right.

At the trial, you have the following rights:

  • You have the right to be represented by an attorney.
  • You have the right to request in writing that subpoenas be issued by the Clerk of Court to compel the attendance of witnesses on your behalf at trial.
  • You have the right to testify or not testify in your own defense. Under the Constitution, you are not required to give testimony against yourself. However, if you do take the witness stand, you may be subject to cross-examination by the Prosecuting Attorney.
  • You have the right to cross-examine witnesses testifying against you.
  • You have the right not to make any statements, nor take the witness stand, unless you choose to do so.


The plea of GUILTY is a complete admission of your guilt. If you plead guilty, you will be permitted to give a statement or explanation to the Judge before the sentence is imposed.


The plea of NO CONTEST is not an admission of your guilt, but is an admission of the truth of the facts alleged in the complaint or citation, and the plea or admission shall not be used against you in any pending or subsequent civil or criminal proceeding.

Charles M. Rowland II offers information about OVI charges in the Kettering Municipal Court at www.KetteringOVI.com and www.KetteringDUI.com.  If you need to speak to an attorney about your Kettering OVI case, please call me at (937) 318-1384. I’ve appeared in Kettering since 1995 and I know that I can help you out.

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Kettering Municipal Court

Mandatory Appearances In The Kettering Municipal Court

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Some people who are charged with an OVI in the Kettering Municipal Court think that they can skip their first appearance. This is not the case.  Many traffic and some criminal citations are payable in the Clerk’s Office and do not require a court appearance in front of the judge. These are called “waiverable” citations. You can choose to appear before the judge on your court date for these citations. Or, you can choose to waive your right to a hearing in court, plead guilty and pay your costs and fines for these citations in the Clerk’s Office. Waiverable citations must be taken care of on or before your court date. Your court date is listed near the bottom of your citation.

Other offenses are considered “non-waiverable” – meaning that you must appear before a Judge. Some of the most commonly-cited “non-waiverable” offenses include:

  • Indictable felony offenses.
  • Operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or any drug of abuse, or permitting another person who is under the influence of alcohol or any drug of abuse to operate a motor vehicle owned by the defendant or in his custody or control.
  • Reckless driving where charged under Kettering Ordinance as a fourth degree misdemeanor.
  • Leaving the scene of an accident.
  • Driving under suspension/revocation or without a license when jail is a possible penalty.
  • Failure to stop and remain standing upon meeting or overtaking a school bus stopped on the highway for the purpose of receiving or discharging a school child.
  • Willfully eluding or fleeing a police officer.
  • Passing a stopped school bus.
  • Drag racing.
  • Drug-related offenses with the exception of public intoxication M-M and M-4.
  • All speeding citations which are for 36+ miles per hour over the posted speed limit.
  • Wrongful entrustment.

The jurisdiction of the Kettering Municipal Court includes the Cities of Kettering and Centerville or Washington Township.  In addition, the Court handles criminal offenses and some traffic offenses which occur in the City of Moraine. If you were cited in Moraine, your ticket will tell you where to appear.

slider-call-nowIf you find yourself facing an OVI charge in the Kettering Municipal Court, do not miss your court date. If you need to speak to an attorney immediately, please call Charles M. Rowland II at (937) 776-2671. You can also visit KetteringOVI.com for more information about the Kettering Municipal Court.


Kettering Municipal Court

Kettering Municipal Court Statistics Show Drop In Cases

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The Kettering Municipal Court appears to have experienced a significant reduction in the number of cases it is handling.  According to statistics HERE, the number of cases heard has dropped from 17,369 in 2013 to 15,819 in 2014.  But that does not tell the whole story.

Despite the drop in total number of cases, criminal cases are up. The court dealt with 2,707 criminal cases in 2013 and saw that number rise to 2,876 in 2014.  Similarly, civil/small claims filing rose from 1,219 to 1,364.  The drop looks to be a reduced traffic docket.  Traffic cases dropped from 13,443 in 2013 to 11,579 in 2014.

Compared to many local municipal courts this is bucking a trend.  As the economy has improved, many jurisdictions have been able to hire/re-hire law enforcement officers. The increased officers means more patrols which leads to more cases.

Kettering Municipal Court serves a population of approximately 117,000 and has jurisdiction over Washington Township and the Cities of Centerville, Kettering and Moraine.

If you need to speak with an attorney who regularly handles OVI cases in the Kettering Municipal Court, contact Charles M. Rowland II at www.KetteringDUI.com, www.KetteringOVI.com or at 937-318-1384.

Montgomery County DUI Information On-Line

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montgomery county duiIf you are looking for Montgomery County DUI information on-line, please follow the links below.  Since most DUI cases are heard in a municipal court, included first are all of the Montgomery County Municipal Courts.  If your charge includes a felony charge, it will be within the jurisdiction of the Montgomery County Court of Common Pleas. You can find Common Pleas information on the PRO system at the following link:


Follow the links below for the municipal court on-line records:

Eastern and Western Division Municipal Courts PRO System http://www.mccountycourts.org/PRO

If you need specific information about any court, please give us a call at (937) 318-1384.

Dayton Dayton Municipal Court
Kettering Kettering Municipal Court
Miamisburg Miamisburg Municipal Court
Oakwood Oakwood Municipal Court
Vandalia Vandalia Municipal Court

And here, just for fun are other important and useful Montgomery County links:

Other Montgomery County Online Records
Bankruptcy http://www.ohsb.uscourts.gov/
Birth Records http://www.odh.ohio.gov/healthstats/vitalstats/birthstat.aspx
Death Records http://www.odh.ohio.gov/healthstats/vitalstats/deathstat.aspx
Deeds http://www.mcrecorder.org/
Disinternment http://www.mcohio.org/government/probate/prodcfm/casesearchm.cfm
Dog Owner Search http://www.mcauditor.org/RZ/RZ_dog_find.cfm
Estates http://www.mcohio.org/government/probate/prodcfm/casesearchx.cfm
Guardianship Records http://www.mcohio.org/government/probate/prodcfm/casesearchg.cfm
Marriage Licenses http://www.mcohio.org/government/probate/prodcfm/marriagesearch.cfm
Medical Licenses https://license.ohio.gov/lookup/default.asp
Mental Illness http://www.mcohio.org/government/probate/prodcfm/case_search_main.cfm
Missing Persons http://www.mcohio.org/Sheriff/Missing_Persons.html
Mortgages http://www.mcrecorder.org/
Name Changes http://www.mcohio.org/government/probate/prodcfm/namechgsearch.cfm
Parcels http://www.mcrecorder.org/
Property Auctions http://www.mcohio.org/Sheriff/Real_Estate.cfm
Property Records http://www.mcrealestate.org/
Real Estate Taxes http://www.mctreas.org/
Service Discharge http://www.mcrecorder.org/
Sexual Offenders http://www.mcohio.org/Prosecutor/offenders.cfm
Trusts http://www.mcohio.org/government/probate/prodcfm/casesearcht.cfm
Vendor License http://www.mcauditor.org/ven_list.cfm?letter=D
Veteran Gravesites http://www.mcrecorder.org/

Montgomery County DUI attorney Charles M. Rowland II dedicates his practice to defending the accused drunk driver in the Miami Valley and throughout Ohio. He has the credentials and the experience to win your case and has made himself Dayton’s choice for drunk driving defense. Contact Charles Rowland by phone at (937) 318-1384 or toll-free at 1-888-ROWLAND (888-769-5263). If you need assistance after hours, call the 24/7 DUI Hotline at (937) 776-2671. You can have DaytonDUI at your fingertips by downloading the DaytonDUI Android App or have DaytonDUI sent directly to your mobile device by texting DaytonDUI (one word) to 50500. Follow DaytonDUI on Facebook, @DaytonDUI on Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Pheed and Pintrest or get RSS of the Ohio OVI blog. You can email CharlesRowland@DaytonDUI.com or visit his office at 2190 Gateway Dr., Fairborn, Ohio 45324.

“Montgomery County DUI defense.”

For more info on Montgomery County DUI enforcement, check these city-specific sites at the following links:

Fairborn,Dayton,Springfield,Kettering,Vandalia,XeniaMiamisburg,Huber HeightsSpringboroOakwood,Beavercreek, Centerville