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Ohio BMV Reinstatement Offices Expand Payment Sites

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The Good News?  The Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles is expanding the locations where you can pay your reinstatement fee.  The Bad News?  It is going to cost you.  Starting today, 179 Ohio BMV deputy registrar sites will accept payments on reinstatement fees.  The deputy registrar sites will also accept the documentation required for reinstatement.  According to the story in the Springfield News Sun, “[t]he bureau says that doesn’t mean reinstatement would happen immediately. It might require more time to [Read the full post. . .]

Out of State DUI?

By Criminal Defense Attorney Mark J. Babb

Many clients have asked us about the consequences of getting an out-of-state DUI.  The exact answer is different for every situation, but it generally relates to something called the interstate compact.  The interstate compact is a system put in place where states communicate driving infractions and other driver’s license information to each other.  Generally, states honor suspensions, forfeitures, and other traffic consequences from other states.  If you are convicted of an [Read the full post. . .]

Out of State DUI Consequences

Question: I was visiting Ohio when I received an OVI charge; what will happen to my out-of-state license?

Ohio (and 45 other states) are members of the Driver’s License Compact, an agreement wherein member States communicate the fact of a conviction for DUI to the “Home State”. The “Home State” then takes action against the licensee under its own laws. Forty-five States are currently members of the Interstate Compact.  Michigan and Wisconsin are not part of the DLC.   Under all [Read the full post. . .]

Military DUI: What Happens Now?

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The consequences of an OVI while serving active duty in the military can be devastating: dishonorable discharge, rank reduction, pay deduction, loss of security clearance, fines and jail time and mandatory military counseling sessions and potential exclusion from some sensitive operations.  Military regulations often subject its members to enhanced Non-Judicial Punishment (NJP), which go above and beyond the punishments allowed by civilian law.  We are seeing more cases where the leadership is “cracking down” on drunk driving [Read the full post. . .]

Ohio Out-of-State DUI Issues

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Dayton DUI Defense Attorney Can Represent Your Out-of State DUI

States use two reporting systems to share information about a DUI arrest.  The Non-Resident Violator Compact (NVRC) is a group of states that share information about an out-of-state DUI arrest.  Other states belong to the Inter-State Driver’s License Compact, which operates to share information so that you have one driving record for all offenses no matter where the offense occurred.  Ohio joined the NVRC in 1985 [Read the full post. . .]