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OVI Checkpoints: The Reason To Get Rid Of Checkpoints & Cameras

OVI Checkpoints - Traffic Why we drive the way we do.The Reason to Get Rid of OVI Checkpoints & Cameras?  Glad You Asked.

In his book Why People Obey The Law, legal scholar Tom Tyler argues that compliance with the law has less to do with deterrence (fear of penalty) than with the rational decision that complying with the law is in a person’s self-interest.  More important to their compliance is the decision that following the law is the right thing to do.  Having the biggest impact on [Read the full post. . .]

Ohio OVI Defense Attorney Quote of the Week

Supreme Court Justice Byron White previously s...

United States Supreme Court Justice Byron White in the landmark case of United States vs. Wade, 388 U.S. 218 (1967)

“Law enforcement officers have the obligation to convict the guilty and to make sure they do not convict the innocent. They must be dedicated to making the criminal trial a procedure for the ascertainment of the true facts surrounding the commission of the crime. To this extent, our so-called adversary system is not adversary at all; nor should it

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Dayton Adopts Mobile (Hidden?) Speed Cameras


The Dayton Police Department has taken what some argued was an inevitable step to increase revenue.  They have deployed a mobile speed camera inside a Ford Escape which they will move around the city to catch speeders unawares.  The camera technology is the same used by stationary units.  According to WDTN, “[w]hen a driver exceeds the set speed, the cameras snap three photos of the vehicle. The pictures and a citation will then be sent to the vehicle owner [Read the full post. . .]

Yellow Springs Mayor’s Court

Twice a month David Foubert, Mayor of Yellow Springs, holds court.

The Yellow Springs Mayor’s Court hears misdemeanor offenses that occur in the jurisdiction of the Yellow Springs Police Department.  The Yellow Springs Mayor’s Court is held in the Byron Community Center, located at 100 Dayton Street just adjacent to downtown Yellow Springs.  The Byron Community Center also houses the Yellow Springs Police Department, which can be reached at: Non-Emergency: (937) 767-7206 or at dispatch@yso.com. For inquiries regarding court appearances, [Read the full post. . .]