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Dayton DUI: The Court Process from Arraignment to Disposition

“Sometimes when you’re arrested the scariest part is not know what comes next.” Click the title above to see a video of Dayton DUI attorney Charles M. Rowland explain what happens from arrest to disposition in your Ohio DUI case.

OVI Update: When is Late Too Late?

In State v. Bower, 2010-Ohio-4420, Defendant Dustin Bowers was arrested for OVI (drunk driving) and a chemical test of his breath resulted in a BAC reading of .085.  He was given appointed counsel on September 11, 2010 and counsel filed for discovery pursuant to Crim.R. 16.  It was not until November 9, 2010 (62 days after the arraignment) that counsel filed for leave to file a motion to suppress.  The Court denied leave and the Defendant was found guilty. [Read the full post. . .]