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MADD Gets Alcohol Detection System Introduced in Congress

Heath Shuler, quarterback for the Redskins bet...

Heath Shuler, a U.S. representative, recently introduced MADD’s newest legislation touted as an end to drunk driving.  The legislation is known as the Research of Alcohol Detection Systems for Stopping Alcohol-related Fatalities Everywhere, or ROADS SAFE, and would require that the technology be installed in every vehicle. The legislation would use a $12 million fund that was set up by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to pay for the technology, which would disable a vehicle from starting if a [Read the full post. . .]

Freeway Photo Cameras Pass Ohio’s House of Representatives

Ohio state House votes to use speed cameras to mail near $300 tickets to freeway drivers.

Peter S. Ujvagi

A deeply divided Ohio House of Representatives on Thursday passed sweeping legislation that would impose new penalties on motorists, including a statewide speed camera program. State Representative Peter S. Ujvagi (D-Toledo) inserted the controversial proposals into a “must pass” $7.6 billion transportation funding measure to avoid individual discussion of the merits of the many programs rolled into the 361-page bill. Only one Republican voted [Read the full post. . .]