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DUI & Drug Trafficking Cases In Ohio

drug traffickingMore and more, we are seeing an increase in drug trafficking cases.  The Ohio State Highway Patrol has become much more aggressive in using a traffic stop as a pretense to do an extensive search for illegal drugs.  These stops frequently turn a minor traffic violation case into a trafficking, distribution or possession of drugs case.  We expect more of these cases as the Ohio State Highway Patrol begins implementation of the Drug Recognition Expert protocol.

The analysis of a [Read the full post. . .]

Kettering DUI; Probable Cause vs. Reasonable Articulable Suspicion

I recently encountered a factual question in a case in the Kettering Municipal Court involving the reason that the officer stopped my client.  Below is the case law which sets forth the two standards used to justify a traffic stop in Ohio. Visit www.KetteringDUI.com for information about the Kettering Municipal Court.

In State v. Moore, 2008-Ohio-2407, the 3rd District Court of Appeals reversed course on its prior decision in State v. Phillips, 2006-Ohio-6338and held that an officer had reasonable [Read the full post. . .]