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Arrested at Wright-Patterson AFB?

WE CAN HELP IF YOU ARE ARRESTED ON BASE We have a former J.A.G. officer on staff to help with military DUI/OVI cases.  Located conveniently near Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Charles M. Rowland II has successfully represented active-duty military, contractors, and civilian employees for over 15 years.  He knows how to deal with issues of…
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Judges To Consider Military Service At Sentencing

Ohio appears ready to pass a requirement that judges consider a persons' military service when deciding a sentence in a criminal case.  Sub. S.B. 330, proposed by Senator Joe Schiavoni would apply to both misdemeanor and felony charges. "They have been through things that most of us haven't," Schiavoni said. "It's so, so important we consider…
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DaytonDivorceLaw.com: Military Divorce in Ohio

You need an experienced hand to handle military divorces.  Military divorces have unique rules regarding residency requirements for filing for divorce, certain legal protections for the military member and emergency court orders pertaining to child support and division of military pensions.  Charles Rowland has been a Greene County  attorney for over 15 years and has an office…
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