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Ohio DUI Alert from Breathalyzer Manufacturer

The following is the response provided by N.P.A.S. regarding Ohio's decision to employ roadside breath testing instruments.  N.P.A.S. is the manufacturer of the BAC DataMaster breath testing machines. We have received many requests for information regarding the Ohio Department of Health's apparent decision to purchase products designed for mobile evidential breath testing in Ohio. We…
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O.A.C. 3701-53-02, Approved Evidential Breath Testing Instruments

Image by frippy via Flickr Ohio Administrative Code 3701-53-02(A) sets forth the approved instruments for evidential breath testing in Ohio.  It states, (A) The instruments listed in this paragraph are approved as evidential breath testing instruments for use in determining whether a person's breath contains a concentration of alcohol prohibited or defined by sections 4511.19…
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