Dayton DUI Lawyer’s Creed; fight for the system

Our values suggest that when the government accuses you of a crime you have the right (and your attorney the duty) to challenge the evidence against you.  If attorneys vigorously fight your case, the police are trained to do a better job investigating and prosecuting crimes.  Judges who hold the state to a higher standard and prosecutors who properly exercise discretion, protect the citizens from tyranny.  Being pro-law enforcement should not ever mean we give police a pass, but that we hold them to such a standard that even in the most difficult case we trust the system.  This was the philosophy of our founders and why civil libertarians fight for Miranda warnings, and privacy rights, and any of the other myriad unpopular causes wherein citizens are encouraged to choose security over freedom. The maxim that 10 guilty should go free rather than one innocent be punished express the highest esteem for law enforcement and for our system.

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